Customer Links

Before the customer can view the 3D designs of their stairs produced by the stair software they must install the O2c player into their web browsers. (This activeX component is required to allow the customer to rotate and view their stairs design).

For customers using Microsoft Internet Explorer as their web browser: Visit the web site and follow the instructions below.

  • Click the link “Download of current o2c player” on the left hand side of web page.
  • An optional user registration form will be presented to the customer. The customer may populate the form or alternatively close it.
  • Under the heading “O2C-PLUG-IN” click O2CSetup.exe for Internet Explorer.
  • The customer will be asked if the want to “Run”, “Save” or “Cancel” the file.
  • Choose “Save” and select a location on the PC.
  • The file will download to the selected location.
  • Once the file has been downloaded, the customer should select “Run” to install the o2c player.exe.
  • Now, any stair designs file, sent from Shields Elite Staircases via email, will automatically open and allow the customer to view and rotate them.
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